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Fisheries Districts

Northeast Fisheries District

 • Silver Lake WMA (Wells County) – Three miles south of Chaseley. Harvestable size walleye population, ranging from 13-16 inches. Yellow perch also available in good numbers, with most in the 9- to 10-inch range.

• Island Lake (Rolette County) – Three miles west, two miles south of Mylo. Thriving northern pike population. Most pike around 24 inches, but range up to 28 inches.

• Armourdale Dam (Towner County) – Nine miles east, 1.5 miles north of Rolla. Good numbers of northern pike and walleye. Pike primarily about 20-24 inches, but range up to 36 inches. Walleye available, with most 16-18 inches.

North Central Fisheries District

• Coal Lake (McLean County) – Three miles south, 1.5 miles east, 0.75 miles north of Underwood. Walleye ranging from 8-15 inches, with many fish 13-14 inches.

Southwest Fisheries District

• Davis Dam (Slope County) – 16 miles west, four miles north of Amidon. Bluegill up to three-quarters of a pound, largemouth bass up to 2 pounds and rainbow trout up to about 1 pound.

South Central Fisheries District

• Geier Lake (Kidder County) – 12 miles east, 9.5 miles north of Robinson. Walleye abundant. Yellow perch present.

• Trautmann Lake (Kidder County) – One mile west, two miles north, one mile west, one mile north of Robinson. Small yellow perch and walleye abundant.

• Wentz WPA (Logan County) – 12 miles east of Napoleon. Walleye abundant.

• Baumgartner Lake (Emmons County) – Six miles south of Linton. Northern pike abundant.

• Jake’s Lake (Emmons County) – 13 miles south, one mile east of Strasburg. Northern pike abundant.

• Leno Lake (Kidder County) – One mile east, seven miles north of Tuttle. Northern pike abundant.

Southeast Fisheries District

• Island Lake (Barnes County) – Three miles south, 0.5 miles east of Urbana. Medium-sized walleye abundant and should cooperate better than ever.

• Bisek Slough (Richland County) – Two miles north, 0.5 miles west of Lidgerwood. Good numbers of yellow perch and northern pike.

• Vislisel Lake (Richland County) – One mile north, two miles east, one mile north, one mile west of Lidgerwood. Good walleye numbers, with average size about 20 inches.

• Meadow Lake (Barnes County) – Six miles west, six miles north of Litchville. Not sampled in 2016, but data from previous years indicate good numbers of relatively large yellow perch and a growing walleye population.

• Lindeman Lake (Cass County) – Two miles north, one mile east, 0.5 miles north of Enderlin. Not sampled in 2016, but data from previous years indicate good yellow perch numbers and the remnants of three years of walleye stocking prior to a drain project.

• Alfred Lake (LaMoure County) – Seven miles east, 1.5 miles south of Gackle. Decent northern pike numbers.