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November 2019: Reader Reply

What technology being innovated in North Dakota impresses you the most?

I believe the new technology involved in fracking our vast amounts of oil has impressed me the most. We were 11th in the nation, with 5,000 wells in 2012, but fracking has now moved us to second place, with 1.44 million barrels a day from thousands of wells.

Other states are now using the technology, too. It has helped increase America's energy supply, something that seemed impossible 15 years ago.

Marlene Kouba, member of Slope Electric Cooperative

l am thrilled to see wind power come to our prairies. l am pleased that we are using our natural resources to help better the planet. l can stand at my back window and see many wind towers turning and glinting in the sunlight. For me, watching them is calming and peaceful.

It is also a special sensation to be outside on a quiet summer night and hear the whoosh of the blades cutting through the air in regular rhythm. The first time we heard the blades, it was surprising and took a bit before we realized what it was. Now, we go outside regularly just to listen.

So many of them dot the landscape behind my house, and l remember when they were being built, or rather assembled. My husband and l both cheered as each one was completed. Sadly, my husband passed away before the wind towers came online, but it brings a happy memory every time l look at them.

The wind towers may not be as pretty to look at as sunflowers, flax or canola in the summertime, but they are like flowers springing up in the white winter landscape.

Nel Summers, member of Verendrye Electric Cooperative

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