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Reader Reply: October 2018

This month, we asked our readers to submit replies to a question about vehicle and machinery operation.



  (Editor’s note: In her submission, Jolene Higbee chose to share her memories of a horse-drawn vehicle, which was the community’s first version of a school bus.)

As I was growing up, our school was a half mile from our home. We lived on one end of the town and the school was on the other end.

We had to walk to school every day, which was half a mile both ways, but with hills.

When winter arrived and there was enough snow on the ground, my dad would hook up the one-horse snow sled. Dad had a blanket to cover up on the very brisk mornings. We had our seats right up front.

As Dad would drive the sled through town, kids who wanted a ride to school would be waiting at the street corner for us. He would stop and they jumped onto the sled.

After school, Dad would be waiting for us outside of the school with the one-horse sled again.

The school kids would hurry to get outside and find a spot on the sled.

Once that horse started to move, you had to be hanging on or you fell off (and you would end up walking home). When we would get close to someone’s corner, they would shout and Dad would slow the horse and they would jump off.

No matter how cold or how bad it was storming, the horse always got us home.

I do wonder how many remember those days. And the sled still exists, covered in a shed, holding onto all those memories.

Jolene Higbee

Member of Northern Plains Electric Cooperative



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