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Readers Reply: June 2018

This month, we asked our readers to submit replies to the following...

What has been one of the best examples

of economic development in your rural community?


In our little town of Glenfield, population 89, the best example of economic development would be Tough-T Manufacturing, located at the junctions of Highway 200 and Highway 20. What started as a machine shop has evolved into a thriving business employing several people, including the owners, Jerry and Cindy Tufte. Those jobs help support our community.

Tough-T Manufacturing has on hand items that local farmers need, such as snowblowers and bale feeders, but to us personally as farmers, Tough-T has helped us countless times by fixing broken machinery. Whether it's welding or a hose or a replacement for a lost nut, washer or bolt, Jerry and his staff try to get us back on track. The other nearest town is 25 miles away. Tough-T is three miles, saving us mileage and down time, which is especially important when we are trying to beat the rain.

Lona Lutz, Member of Northern Plains Electric Cooperative



The bank in our community made the decision to close December 2017.  Regent has a diverse population of older residents and businesses needed to make daily deposits and did not have the time to drive more than 40 miles to do their banking. Many senior residents didn’t have someone to drive them or the extra funds for gas to get their banking business done.

The Hettinger County JDA and the Regent Development Corporation met to discuss what they could do to meet this new need. Three months of calls, discussions and invitations to locate a branch in the community resulted in Dakota Western Bank from Bowman showing interest.

They requested a meeting of businesses, residents, city leaders and farmers to discuss the possibility. The bank then held a community-wide meeting laying out its ideas for coming to Regent. After board approval, the bank started the necessary paperwork to operate.

Dakota Western Bank opened March 19 in the former bank building and has plans for renovation before its grand opening. Because jobs were saved and another business is in town, the community is thankful and looks forward to a successful long-term relationship.

Judy Kirschmann, Hettinger County JDA executive director, Member of Slope Electric Cooperative


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