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Super recipes for Super Bowl fun

Janelle Steiner, recipe submitter and Capital Electric Cooperative member
Janelle Steiner

Recipes are often exchanged among friends and family, as we discover new foods at family gatherings, potluck meals or other events. This month, Janelle Steiner shares two recipes with North Dakota Living which friends had shared with her several years ago.

And as friends and family gather for Super Bowl parties next month, Janelle’s Corned Beef Dip and Chicken Chalupa might fill those hearty appetites.

Janelle’s flavorful dip has become a favorite, she says.

“Once I found the recipe and started making it, everybody just loved it. It was different from what we eat traditionally, but everybody really likes it,” she shared about the Corned Beef Dip recipe.

And her Chicken Chalupa is a hearty casserole to warm the winter.

“We’re trying to incorporate more chicken and fish into our diet and that’s one way to do that, and yet it’s still kind of hearty, especially in the wintertime when it’s nice to have a warm casserole,” she said about the Chicken Chalupa recipe.

As you prepare for your Super Bowl party, the North Dakota State University Extension Service also suggests trying these healthful and tasty snack ideas:

• Crunchy apple or pear slices with low-fat yogurt as a dip

• Homemade trail mix with nuts, dried fruits and fiber-rich cereal

• Crisp veggies, such as carrots, red and green pepper strips and broccoli

• Whole-grain crackers

• Popcorn (without a lot of butter and salt)

• Pretzels with honey mustard sauce

• Salsa or homemade bean dip with baked chips. Make your own baked chips by cutting corn tortillas into wedges, spraying with nonstick cooking spray and baking in the oven until crisp.

NDSU Extension also offers some tips while at the party:

• Choose a seat away from the food table. Standing or sitting too close makes unnecessary snacking more tempting.

• Drink a large glass of water before eating.

• Use a small plate.

• When going for seconds, make healthy choices.

• Put your fork or spoon down between every bite.

• Eat a healthy snack or meal before the party.

• Choose calorie-free or low-calorie drinks.

Janelle is a certified public accountant (CPA), working as a controller at United Energy Corporation in Bismarck. She and her husband, Gary, are members of Capital Electric Cooperative. They have two sons; one is a junior in college and one is a senior in high school.

Janelle enjoys creating interesting recipes when she can find the time.

“I normally like to bake and make dips and appetizers and those kinds of things. When it comes to meals, I’m not as much of a fan of making those,” she said. “I like to try new recipes on the weekends when I have more time, as my weekdays are often so busy that I am often just glad to have something on the table for dinner.”

Janelle also likes to do crafts and scrapbooks, and enjoys spending time outdoors.

Luann Dart is a freelance writer and editor who lives in the Elgin area.