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Teen-2-Teen: August 2017

Follow your passion

Leona Petrovic
Leona Petrovic

Following your passions may be difficult. What may seem even more difficult is discovering what you are passionate about. How can you know what makes you happy when there are so many avenues in the world that you can do or try?

The first step is to try a lot of different hobbies. If you have a variety of hobbies and activities, it will be easier for you to discover your interests. Then you can start focusing on those you would like to pursue more vigorously. There are so many hobbies you can pursue, such as art, writing or bakin

When you find your passion, it can change your life. It will give you a purpose, something to do and pursue.

My passions are writing and reading. I love to write stories and poetry. It’s something I love to do. I want to be an author. Reading helps me improve my writing. I also enjoy it. Reading helped me figure out my passion.

There is a difference between hobbies and passions. A hobby is something you do for fun. It’s an enjoyable activity or a pastime. A passion is so much more. It’s more than just a pastime or an activity to do in your free time. You will want to pursue your passion your whole life and it will help you become a happier person.

Passions are important. They give you something to look forward to. After school or when all the mundane tasks are completed, you will want to pursue your passion.

If you follow your passions, there might be more results than just your own happiness. That aspect is important, but you can also influence other people. If your passion is writing, then maybe you can begin a blog. You could share various topics to help people who read your articles. Maybe you could share tips on eating healthier and someone could use those tips. Or articles could cause people to think about important issues.

Most importantly, find and follow your own passion.

 Leona Petrovic, 13, is a homeschooled eighth-grader who focuses her time on pursuing her passion for writing. She is a member of Ron Paul Online Homeschool Curriculum, the Aurora Borealis Homeschool Co-op, and has been involved in several theater productions through Village Arts Inc. She also enjoys reading, poetry, playing piano and flute, and blogging. Her parents, Julia and Mirek Petrovic, are members of Verendrye Electric Cooperative.