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Teen-2-Teen January 2018

Persevere to pursue your passion

Laura Muggli, a teen writer and a freshman at Elgin-New Leipzig Public School

by Laura Muggli

Imagine a high school band composed of six students. It would be challenging to play music with such few musicians. I personally face that challenge daily, but I have taken action to help mend this problem. In my opinion, music education is crucial. In my rural school, music education classes are not commonly pursued. This is due to many factors, such as class scheduling, lack of interest and other educational requirements.

Ever since I started playing saxophone, I have had a desire to be in our loud, upbeat, confident pep band. As member participation decreased, our school no longer continued a pep band. As upcoming freshmen, my friends and I wanted to form a pep band to continue the great music. We were able to recruit some more students and a few adults in our community so we could have enough people to play. Without having music in my life, I would not have experienced the joy of playing in pep band.

I find that participating in musical events can improve physical and mental skills. A music teacher once associated this with one of her students. This student was a basketball player who had participated in the drumline. The student noticed that after the drumline experience, she was better able to dribble with either of her hands.

Music also can bring such great opportunities, including an opportunity I experienced. I was able to attend a summer school of the fine arts called International Music Camp (IMC). IMC was a weeklong camp where students from across the world met to learn about music and have a ton of fun at the same time. It was an amazing experience to work with those talented students and instructors.

Music is a lifelong skill that you and others can enjoy. I have been playing piano since I was 8 years old, and I hope to continue throughout my life.

I fear that musical arts are dying out of our schools, but we need to keep fighting through the difficulties. Persist through the hard times when you really love doing what you do. Never give up on what you love!

Laura Muggli, 14, is a freshman at Elgin-New Leipzig Public School, where she is involved in basketball, band, FFA, FBLA, science fair, and the Acalympics Team. She enjoys playing piano and saxophone, playing basketball, and sewing. Laura is the daughter of Timmy and Andrea Muggli, who are members of Mor-Gran Sou Electric Cooperative.