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Teen-2-Teen March 2018

Matthew Mills, teen writer for North Dakota Living magazine
Matthew Mills

Hire a teen!
by Matthew Mills

Imagine being a teen who lives in a small community with little to no work experience. Imagine that teen trying to find a job. Yes, usually someone with at least two years of experience would be a better applicant for nearly any job. But you never know what kind of initiative teens have until you give them a chance.

Why aren’t teens getting hired in a small community? In a small community, there are few jobs available for anyone. When a job is available, it seems an adult is hired, rather than a teen. Teens are told they have no work experience. Teens might be seen as not having a good work ethic, but this is not always the case. Many teens are willing to work, so they can start making money of their own.

Why should you hire a teen to work for you? Teenagers go to school for almost eight hours a day and many of them also participate in extracurricular activities. If they apply for a job, it means they are committed and believe they can tackle a job as well as school and extracurricular activities.

If you hire a teen, you are giving them a chance many other businesses will not give them. You are giving them their first work experience, and helping them understand what it is like to handle many things at once.

How does hiring a teen benefit you? Hiring a teenager will help them immensely, but will help you at the same time. If you hire a teenager, you get their hard work and a fresh perspective. Why not give teens the chance? You will be benefiting them and yourself.

And, yes, teens can handle school and work. I asked a senior cashier who has been working at my local Cenex since she was a sophomore if she thought her job affected her grades. She told me her job made her strive to keep her grades constant due to the extra work she has outside of school.

So, when you’re hiring your next summer employee, don’t dismiss a teenager who applies for the job. They just may add a lot to your business!

Matthew Mills, 16, is a sophomore at Powers Lake High School, where he is involved in the Future Business Leaders of America, FFA and track. He enjoys writing, extracurriculars and watching Netflix. Matthew is the son of Kevin and Jamie Mills.