In 2050, the world is expected to have 9 billion people. As the world population continues to grow, it will be essential that food production continues to grow at the same pace. To accomplish this task, agriculturalists must be open-minded to new technology in the agricultural industry. Agriculturalists must be excited to feed the population and develop new strategies to do so. The younger generation is immersed in technology, and they have a passion to utilize and develop more technology. The future of agriculture is dependent on our youth, and they should be excited to join the industry that is ever-changing.


While growing up on a farm, my brothers have introduced new technology to my dad. In just the past couple of years, my dad has used parts created by a 3-D printer. My dad would have never known about 3-D printers and how he could use them in agriculture if my brothers had not introduced the technology to him. This shows that young people will be the backbone of more innovations in the agricultural industry, and they need to be involved in advancing agriculture for the next generation.

Young people have already begun to change the industry, because they are not afraid to use and develop new technology. Farming has become more efficient through new innovations such as GPS, drones and new weather technology. Most of the past generations do not like to change their methods of agriculture. But youth are open-minded and will bring a fresh perspective to the industry.

Since young people are the future, they will need to learn to be responsible for maintaining the natural resource of land. They must learn how to use the land to efficiently produce high-quality crops.

Knowledge about agriculture is at the fingertips for any person interested in farming or an agricultural-related occupation. It is easier than ever for young people to learn about agriculture and find information online.

This younger generation also has more access to agricultural education than generations of the past. They now have great opportunities in high school, with organizations like FFA and 4-H. Through FFA, students across the country are becoming entrepreneurs by starting their own agricultural businesses, or students can work in an agricultural setting. This is how many young adults start their careers in agriculture.

Agriculture has a bright outlook in our world for many years to come. It will be necessary for youth to become actively involved in this evolving industry. While many youth think that agriculture is simply growing crops and livestock, I see the great potential our youth have in other jobs in the agricultural industry.

Agriculture needs scientists and engineers to develop new ideas and technologies to improve agricultural efficiency.

Agriculture needs the youth to develop a passion for this growing industry, to learn about agriculture and pass their knowledge on to the generations to come. Youth are needed to develop and use new technology and continue the tradition of agriculture.

A career in agriculture is appealing and rewarding. If the youth of our world do not join agriculture, we will never be able to feed the exponentially growing population. If the youth do join agriculture, they will be able to reinvent the industry.

Laura Muggli, is a junior at Grant County High School, where she is involved in FFA, Future Business Leaders of America, band and basketball. Laura is the daughter of Tim and Andrea Muggli, members of Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative.