North Dakota’s electric cooperatives have a long history of promoting North Dakota travel, tourism and hospitality. Many businesses and folks in these industries are served by electric cooperatives. They provide services and experiences that improve the quality of life in rural places and are economic engines in our communities.

For many years, North Dakota Living has provided a platform to share travel and tourism stories from our backyard. This “Explore North Dakota” issue provides a mere snapshot of what North Dakota offers out-of-state and international visitors and in-state travelers, while capturing the contributions of our state’s official greeters and the people who have built their dreams in North Dakota.


We also partner with North Dakota Tourism to produce the “North Dakota Travel Guide” and the “North Dakota Hunting and Fishing Guide.” These guides are picked up by thousands of travelers each year at rest areas, convention and visitors bureaus, trade shows, hotels and restaurants. Visitors request these guides online or over the phone to plan their next getaway. North Dakota Living readers typically receive these special publications in the mail, packaged to an issue of the magazine. In June, readers will receive a copy of North Dakota Tourism’s “Road Trip Guide,” filled with opportunities to support local destinations.

As one might expect, the pandemic has hampered travel and impacted our local tourism and hospitality sector. Local businesses have responded with a high level of resourcefulness, grit and resilience. I admire their spirit and determination, but we can all play a role. These local businesses could use our help to recover from a sluggish year.

Let’s go!

“Let’s go do what,” you ask? Let’s travel, hit the road, visit North Dakota cities, towns and places in between. Take day trips, road trips, weekend trips. Go hiking, fishing, explore the outdoors. Stay at a hotel, camp at a local resort or state park. Frequent local restaurants. Shop local. Visit our numerous attractions. And, of course, do it safely.

Last summer was a bit of a bummer (OK, a huge, gargantuan bummer). If your family is like mine, there is no shortage of pent-up energy. We are ready to “get out.” With seven people in my family, air travel is not often in the cards. We are ground dwellers and road warriors and, yes, I am the dad that stops at most “point-of-interest” signs. Sorry, kids. The “North Dakota road trip” theme of this North Dakota Living issue is a perfect fit for the Kramer family, anyway, as we close the school year, embark on summer and begin making plans.

We hope you’ll join us. Let’s hit the road and spend a little money along the way. If you come across a local stomp others should know about, take a picture holding North Dakota Living, tag us on social media and use the hashtag #NorthDakotaLiving. It will be a fun way to promote our great state.

Now, let’s go!

Josh Kramer, editor-in-chief of North Dakota Living, is executive vice president and general manager of NDAREC. Contact him at