Reader Reply: January 2023


At an annual meeting I attended Dec. 8, we were informed the state investment board has a fund value of $8,408,634,457. That could easily be distributed to many entities in the state, but it appears to be more important to some politicians to continue to invest it in companies out of state and overseas.

There are two items needed in my local community. Many over the age of 65 would be interested in housing to be constructed with NO steps of any kind, and to be rented reasonably.

Reader Reply: November 2022

Did you know milk is our state beverage? My favorite product made in North Dakota is milk and other dairy products. My family loves milk, butter, ice cream, cheese and all of the other wonderful foods made of dairy!

This summer, I enjoyed attending a breakfast on the farm at one of the largest dairy farms in North Dakota near Mandan to watch the process of milk production. It is sure hard work being a dairy farmer! I admire all they do, especially the long hours worked every day.