Reader Reply: October 2021

Since I have now lived in Bowman for over three years, I don’t have an electric cooperative anymore, but Slope Electric Cooperative will always be “home” to me, as it was my cooperative for 27 years.

During that time, I was always so grateful for the cooperative’s prompt, friendly responses to my calls for assistance with power outages, and the ensuing communication until the power was restored.


This peace is a human right that all humans, I believe, could accept for a quality life. Therefore, I would like to suggest that our “Peace Garden State” be known for peace and quality of life.

One thing I would like to suggest is to use the song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” written by Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller in 1955. It would be nice if this song is sung by people at the many events during the year.

We think peace is “too big” of an issue, but if we each can begin peace, hopefully the “Peace Garden State” can be a leader to a peaceful world.

The paintings below are illustrations of veteran experiences in World War II that were shared with the artist, Scott Nelson, through interviews. The paintings are based on real events of the war and were inspected by the veterans who shared their stories. They are reprinted with permission from Mr. Nelson. For more information, visit is external).


He told me one humorous story about when he was in the hospital after getting back to the United States. It seems the doctors were worried about Jim and another patient, because they had a hard time putting on any weight. The doctors decided to give them several cans of beer a day to help them gain weight. Jim said he and his beer buddy were the envy of the whole ward, as beer was not normally available to the patients.

Curtis Wiesz, vice president of the Northern Plains Electric Cooperative board of directors, has the EMS “Star of Life” symbol tattooed on his wrist. He volunteers with the Fessenden Ambulance Service as an EMT. Photo by NDAREC/Clarice L. Kesler


There is an individual in our community who I feel deserves recognition as a first responder.

This man comes first to mind when there is an emergency, a fire siren or any other need that requires a helping hand in our area. He stands tall and has a compassionate, kind, caring heart when it comes to an immediate need!

Gary Rising deserves such recognition for his many years of giving himself in time of need. We are so lucky to have him in our community. Thank you, Gary!

Brenda Maus

Mr. Mugley loves getting rides with his family.

AUGUST 2020: READER REPLY - Our pets have been keeping us company through recent “social distancing.” Tell us about your favorite pets and why you love them.

This is why my pets are superheroes:

Simba is a super cat. Why? He was gone for 18 months before our neighbor girl, Sami, found him and brought him to us in February! He braved all the storms and found food for himself, when we thought he had been attacked hunting!

If he was a superhero, I would find him saving the world from being without adorable cats.

He enjoys my father's lap at night, attacking rugs and, of course, catnip.