Go outdoors in North Dakota!

Craving wide-open spaces? Lucky for you, North Dakota has hundreds of miles of wide-open space, and the most stunning outdoor attractions are free of traffic jams and crowded trails. Take in the sounds of a bison’s hooves slowly crossing the road at Theodore Roosevelt National Park or an elk’s antlers brushing through leaves at the White Horse National Game Preserve.

As summer begins to set, autumn rises with events of all kinds. Discover locally made products at more than 100 artisan stands at Captial A’Fair on the beautiful Capitol grounds in Bismarck. For those with an adventurous spirit, take your pick of multiple Maah Daah Hey Trail races hosted by Experience LAND, featuring races for all riding levels.

Road trips aren’t just about exploring new places, but exploring new cultures. Native American powwows take place almost every week in August, like the Twin Buttes Powwow, the Little Shell Powwow in New Town and the Turtle Mountain Chief Little Shell Powwow in Dunseith. You’ll see beautiful regalia, hear thunderous drum circles and enjoy traditional Native American food from dozens of vendors.

Have you ever seen a real-life sea of gold? You can, right here in North Dakota, as golden sunflowers bloom. As one of the top producers in the country, North Dakota’s landscapes turn into miles of flowing fields that can stand anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall! Check out the annual sunflower map to find exactly where they’re blooming this year.

Even taller than the mighty sunflowers are the quirky giants that share the roadside. There are the “can’t-miss” giants, such as the 50-foot-tall Holstein cow, Salem Sue, or the massive bison named Dakota Thunder at the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown. Jump off the interstate to discover more of these “legendarily large” sculptures, such as Tommy, the giant snowmobiling turtle, in Bottineau or Wally, the 26-foot-long walleye in Garrison, that will appropriately welcome you to Lake Sakakawea, where the bite is always hot.

Make the most of the sunshine, warm weather and cool nights in the state where the grass truly is greener, and the air has never been cleaner. Visit www.NDtourism.com to learn more.