Reader Reply: October 2021

What’s your favorite thing about your electric cooperative?

Since I have now lived in Bowman for over three years, I don’t have an electric cooperative anymore, but Slope Electric Cooperative will always be “home” to me, as it was my cooperative for 27 years.

During that time, I was always so grateful for the cooperative’s prompt, friendly responses to my calls for assistance with power outages, and the ensuing communication until the power was restored.

To this day, I look forward to hearing the sunshiny voice at the end of the line when I make a phone call regarding my subscription to North Dakota Living. I anticipate receiving the publication in the mailbox each month, as it is one way I stay connected with friends, now that I am physically disabled and must live in a more populated area than my home area of neighboring Slope County. Despite my speech impediment, they take the time to understand my sometimes-garbled words. They are genuinely friendly, not just “doing their job”!

Yvonne Sortland-Stegner
Formerly Slope Electric Cooperative


When I was growing up, the co-op had a different name, but what I liked about it then is still the same.

A circle of light in the evening dark, a place for children to run and the dog to bark.

The yard light…hours of joy were transmitted with it, all because of the light, it lit!

A lantern in the window, our ancestors set; a yard light outside is better yet.

When travelers were coming, on went the light.

It acted as a beacon in their traveling plight.

The evening darkness, the family could out with

Now we can forego turning on the switch.

Many things about the co-op are great

But, if you want my spirits to elate, install a yard light near the gate.

Lucille Des Roches
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative


When I call Northern Plains Electric Cooperative, it is always nice to hear the friendly voice of Kathy, Jill or other staff. They are polite and helpful, answering my questions. And we are also thankful for the lineworkers who go out in blistering hot summer temperatures or frigid winter weather to restore our power.

But, to me, the unsung hero is the person who answers the phones after-hours. We have all called or gone online to a business only to be handed to a “virtual assistant.” The encounter can be a bit frustrating, trying to tell an automated system what you want.

This does NOT happen with Northern Plains Electric Cooperative. I have called in the middle of the night with an outage and talked directly to an actual person who took my information and knew who to call for help. That one-on-one contact means more than I can express. Northern Plains, I hope you never change that! And to the person on the phone in those wee hours, my sincere thanks!

Lona Lutz
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative


First and foremost, I like our cooperative’s fine staff, the manager and employees. Whenever a power outage occurs, they are quick to respond and soon power is restored. I sincerely appreciate the new LED yard lights. It gives much light in the surrounding area. Attending the annual meeting is always a pleasure, with entertainment to enjoy and a meal is served. Our electric co-op is the best.

June Dokken
Verendrye Electric Cooperative


I like the kindness and quick service when the yard light goes out. Within 24 hours, they are here to change it. They cut tree limbs if they are close to the lines. When power outages occur, they are here to restore the power. Capital Electric Cooperative is a topnotch cooperative.

Carol Schumacher
Capital Electric Cooperative


Verendrye Electric Cooperative has always had the most helpful people. I have called several different desks over the years, when I have business with any one of them, and I am always greeted with kindness and a listening ear. That means a lot when one becomes a widow and has had nearly 50 years of having a spouse who was that kind of listener and fixer!

I am happy the co-op has found ways to help others less fortunate. The co-op offers the opportunity at Christmas to be able to take the burden of unmet utility payments from a single mom struggling to make ends meet or possibly our farming community that has had a devastation of income.

Operation Round Up has for years allowed organizations and individuals to receive funds to better their cause.

Thank you to all who serve on the board and volunteered on committees. Co-ops are first-rate!

Lucille Loftesnes
Verendrye Electric Cooperative