Julie Garden-Robinson

Add flavor with herbs

“How long can you keep dried herbs in your cupboard?” the workshop participant asked.

I anticipated where this was going. I replied with a question.

“How long have your dried herbs been in your cupboard?” I asked.

“I got them for my wedding,” she replied.

After a dramatic pause, she added, “Forty years ago.”

Everyone laughed.

I’m quite sure her dried herbs added little flavor to foods at this point, although they are likely “safe.”


Recipe Roundup: March 2022

Julie Garden-Robinson“Mom, you won’t want to look inside,” my daughter cautioned. “I have a science experiment in process.”

I did not look inside her kitchen composter. I was a little afraid of what I’d see. The natural microorganisms were breaking down her fruit and vegetable scraps. She described a variety of fuzzy, colorful substances.