Will M. Nelson

A letter to my teachers

To my teachers, past and present:

“Thank you” doesn’t do you justice. You have given more than I can summarize with words or ever express in any form of gratitude. Nonetheless, I will try.

During my 13 years in the public school system, each of you has made a difference in my life. From the kindergarten teacher who taught me to tie my shoes to the physics teacher who challenged the limits of my critical thinking, each of you made an impact, which cannot be measured by concepts learned, awards bestowed or test scores.

Will M. Nelson

Don’t decide without first listening to students

North Dakota students feel unheard. We have been hampered by a global pandemic, distorted by the stories dominating the national political media and dismissed because we are adolescents. Rather than make a wishlist of legislative priorities, we are simply asking the North Dakota Legislature to listen to us. We want them to see us where we are and to legislate accordingly.

Will M. Nelson

Teen-2-Teen: July 2022

Summer is here! When I asked my friends about their summer travel plans, one commented, “Why would I stay here? I am off to Florida.” With candor, he denied any possibility of traveling around North Dakota. Our state is often overlooked as a tourist destination, especially by our younger residents. Many overlook the vast variety in North Dakota’s natural and manmade features.