MHA Nation Interpretive Center

‘Keeping our culture alive’

On the banks of the river that has sustained the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara (MHA) people for generations, the MHA Nation Interpretive Center stands. Contained within its walls are the stories, language, heritage and culture of these peaceful, resilient river people. It is their story – told by their people.

“We wanted to be able to make sure that our culture was alive, and that we continue studying and keeping our culture alive,” says Delphine Baker, MHA Nation Interpretive Center director. “And this is us telling our story – it’s not somebody who came in and studied us.”

Williston will host its fifth Babe Ruth World Series next month at Ardean Aafedt Stadium.

The baseball capital of the West

Williston might be known to America as a boom town. But the Western Star city is quickly developing another outside reputation – as a baseball town.

In August, Williston will host its fifth Babe Ruth World Series and third in the past decade. The town of nearly 30,000 expects to welcome around 40,000 World Series attendees over the 25-game period, with an estimated 40% coming from outside Williams County.

Local food truck vendors serve the gamut of palates, with unique and mouth-watering bites, at food truck festivals across the state.

The face of Food Trucks

It’s not beans and biscuits feeding hungry cowboys anymore.

The chuckwagons of the Old West have evolved to serve the gamut of palates. From barbecue sundaes and pulled pork parfaits, to Mexican-German fusion chili and the Fargo Fillie, the modern food truck has found a permanent parking spot in America’s food scene.


2022 Agriculture Outlook

The pressures of farming and ranching don’t disappear when the crops are harvested or the ground freezes for the winter. Even in the beauty of late summer fields or the joy of a million-dollar rain, there are many forces – and stresses – to contend with in agriculture.