Owner Holly Wilson goes to market each year to order garden décor. Here, the garden décor is in a part of the greenhouse that used to be a horse stable, which adds to its charm and character.

Family, community help Cando Greenhouse thrive

Each spring, Grandma Clara tended to her garden, planting and caring for perennials that surrounded her home. She planted beautiful flowers at the edge of her huge vegetable garden. And maybe, intentionally, Grandma Clara planted the longest-lasting perennial of all when she sowed the seeds of desire in her granddaughter, rightly named Holly.

“I got my love for flowers from my grandma,” says Holly Wilson, owner of Cando Greenhouse in Cando.

Clint Hill accepts the accolades of Gov. Doug Burgum, and hundreds of well-wishers, upon the unveiling of his official portrait, which will be added to the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Hall of Fame gallery in the state Capitol in Bismarck. NDAREC PHOTO/KENT BRICK


Hill is the 44th person to receive the Rough Rider Award, the state’s highest commendation for its citizens. He served in the U.S. Secret Service from 1958 to 1975, protecting the presidency through five administrations: President Dwight D. Eisenhower, President John F. Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, President Richard M. Nixon and President Gerald R. Ford.